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‘TAC protected the man who sexually harassed me’

July 19th, 2019       News  

One of the country’s most influential civil society organisations and its leaders may have flouted justice to protect a close ally, according to the woman who dared to speak up about her sexual harassment.

Living with AIDS Part 8

November 10, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Sindiswa Gondwana is HIV positive, but lives a full and active life, thanks largely to the support of friends and family. She believes firmly in the value of support groups and is herself a volunteer who visits people who are HIV positive, encouraging them to adopt an optimistic approach to life.

Male circumcision-Cutting HIV transmission

November 9, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Evidence from over 35 studies is increasingly showing that male circumcision provides significant protection against heterosexual HIV infection and that circumcised males are two to eight times less likely to become infected by women with the virus. Some researchers say the jury is still out on the procedure, others are calling for immediate implementation. Anso […]

Planning ahead for health personnel

November 9, 2000
Health Management  

As part of provinces’ quest to put their scarce health resources to the best use, provincial health management recently held a workshop with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to plan what personnel they will need in future.

An epidemic of trauma requires prevention rather than cure.

November 8, 2000
Environmental Health  

An epidemic of trauma is killing South Africans and draining public health resources at a rate second only to AIDS. But trauma is yet to become a priority public health issue within the Department of Health. Violence and alcohol are the main culprits causing trauma in our country. Jo Stein reports

Why wait? HIV tests now give immediate results

November 7, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Rapid HIV tests, which allow you to get your HIV test result within a few minutes, should be in use country-wide within the course of next year. But only those rapid tests used in government health facilities have been properly evaluated for reliability. Quality control of the other brands on the market is not yet […]

Condom stocks run dry

November 3, 2000
HIV Prevention  

The health department and the SA Bureau of Standards have been caught with their pants down. Clinics have run out of condoms, while the Department of Health claim they have received no requests for additional stocks from the depots that supply the clinics.

Gender inequality – a costly imbalance

November 3, 2000

The UNFPA’€™s population 2000 report argues that gender inequality is a major barrier to economic growth and sustainable development and a major contributor to the alarming spread of HIV/AIDS. The report also states that South Africa has a higher number of rapes than any other country in the world. Jo Stein reports’€¦