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‘TAC protected the man who sexually harassed me’

July 19th, 2019       News  

One of the country’s most influential civil society organisations and its leaders may have flouted justice to protect a close ally, according to the woman who dared to speak up about her sexual harassment.

Children go hungry as grants fail to materialise

April 11, 2001
Children's Health  

The social security system is failing hundreds of children in one of the poorest regions of South Africa. Children hospitalised for severe malnutrition in the Mt Frere distrtict are being discharged simply to face starvation again as their child support grants fail to materialise, despite several applications being lodged.

The future of medicine – ethics, research, counselling

Medical innovations such as the DNA revolution, the microchip and the Human Genome Project, along with diseases such as HIV/AIDS, have shifted the way in which medicine will be practised said Professor William Makgoba in a wide-ranging speech to the South African Medical Association

Puzzling delay in nevirapine programme

April 11, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

Cabinet is the latest barrier standing between HIV positive pregnant women and the anti-retroviral drug, nevirapine, which can save their babies from the virus.

Judge challenges govt on HIV plan

April 5, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

Government should immediately adopt a practical plan for treating HIV positive people with drugs, challenged Judge Edwin Cameron last night at the opening of the international conference, AIDS in Context.

Babies infected as government dithers

April 4, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

Confusion within the Department of Health has delayed a government plan to issue the anti-retroviral drug, nevirapine, free of charge to HIV positive pregnant women at 18 sites countrywide.

Medicines Council still cautious about nevirapine

March 30, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

The fact that one dose may lead to the creation of an HI-virus resistant to Nevirapine is no reason in itself not to register the anti-AIDS drug, but there should be strict monitoring by the drug companies of this, according to Professor Helen Rees chairperson of the Medicines Control Council (MCC).

Children’s HIV vaccine poses complex questions

March 30, 2001
HIV Prevention  

Scientists need to resolve how an HIV vaccine can be tested on children before the vaccine is ready for widespread human use, according to Professor Helen Rees, head of the Medicine Control Council (MCC).