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Are workless doctors being ‘picky’?

January 21st, 2019       News  

After turning down placements at rural hospitals, hundreds of newly qualified doctors remain unemployed while the country’s rural state hospitals remain desperately understaffed because of a complex – yet fixable - situation. Health-e News’ Amy Green investigates whether these health professionals are being ‘picky’ and what possible solutions there are to this senseless situation.

John le Carre slams pharmaceutical profiteering

March 9, 2001
Pharmaceutical Drugs  

Renowned author John le Carre delves into the dark and dangerous world of drug trials and pharmaceutical profits in his latest novel, “The Constant Gardener”. In the afterword to the book he says that although his novel is a work of fiction and doesn’€™t reflect the actions of any real people, the real goings-on in […]

Learning the ‘right’ way

March 8, 2001
Children's Health  

Problems with learning that affect many young children may be a problem with teachers rather than learners. Formal teaching tends to favour verbal learners, ignoring the needs of children who are “visual learners” and whose thinking is dominated by the right hemisphere of the brain which processes information in pictures.

SA HIV vaccine steams ahead

March 8, 2001
HIV Prevention  

Scientists have completed their laboratory research on a potential HIV vaccine for South Africa and the process is underway to begin human trials later this year. Kerry Cullinan reports.

Meeting the drug industry’s

March 5, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

One person is sure to be at the forefront-  putting the view of business across – when government and the pharmaceutical industry tackle one another in  the much hyped court case. But is Mirryena Deeb  really the Cruella de Ville of the industry or is she just a woman caught up in the demands of […]

Hopes of millions pinned on court case

March 5, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

It has been almost two and a half years since Parliament passed the Medicines and Related Substances Control Amendment Act on October 31, 1997. During this time the legislation has been tied up in litigation instituted by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association who argue that their patent rights will be ignored by section 15c of the […]

Living without medicine

March 2, 2001
HIV Treatment  

Living with HIV for eight years without picking up an opportunistic infection, Lundi Ntikinca is worried about the day when he will need expensive medication that could save his life. An option he cannot afford.

Sharp rise but malaria battle is being won

March 2, 2001

Despite praising the Department of Health for effectively managing malaria, the South African Health Review today warned that there had been a dramatic rise since 1996.