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WATCH: Strokes and Stigma

December 8, 2000       Multimedia  

Health-e’s three-part Checkpoint documentary on strokes and stigma in South Africa.

Cure the pain, kill the patient

December 8, 2000
Pharmaceutical Drugs  

A British study shows that the chronic use of pain killers commonly used for arthritis leads to the death of some two thousand patients each year. South African specialists confirm these findings.

Obesity treatment in US far outweighs AIDS spending in Africa

December 8, 2000

While some might baulk at an annual figure of US $3 billion suggested by UNAIDS to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa, this amount is a mere fraction of the $52 billion the United States spends each year treating people for the medical consequences of being overweight.

In search of voluntary HIV testing and counselling

December 8, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Voluntary HIV testing and counselling is among the priorities listed by the South African health department in its HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan for South Africa 2000 ‘€“ 2005, but in reality it’€™s difficult to find a public clinic that will offer this service to citizens.

Grandmother keeps family together
Living with AIDS # 12

December 7, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

The impact of HIV/AIDS on the generation of young parents has resulted in many grandparents assuming responsibility for their orphaned grandchildren. Effective programmes of treatment and care would not only enable parents to live longer, healthier lives, they can also reduce the rate of mother to child transmission of HIV and ensure the birth of […]

Can South African men make a difference?

December 1, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

South Africa has the largest HIV/AIDS population in the world and one of the fastest growing epidemics, with one in four women between the ages of 20 and 29 already infected with the virus. However, for the first time there are signs that HIV incidence ‘€“ the annual number of new infections – may have […]

Look back in anger?

December 1, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

The past 11 months have seen HIV/AIDS assume the spotlight in South Africa as never before. However, despite all the meetings, protests and discussions, people have continued to die from AIDS-related symptoms and the numbers of AIDS orphans and HIV positive babies have continued to climb. In this article, we take a month by month […]

Is it too late to stem the AIDS tide?

November 30, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Will South Africa be able to stem the tide before it is too late? Will the country show a commitment towards finding innovative ways to treat the already more than four million people living with HIV/AIDS or providing a sanctuary for the millions of orphans that will result from the epidemic? Or will our response […]