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NGOs plan to ease KZN health woes

November 9, 1999       News  

KWA-ZULU NATAL – Right to Care, together with the Bhekuzulu Self-sustaining Project and the Mpilonhle Sanctuary Organization are working together to offer patients a one-stop shop where they can have all their chronic conditions seen to in a single visit.

Breast could be best – even for HIV-postive mother

November 9, 1999
HIV Prevention  

Breastfeeding is still the best option – even for HIV positive mothers, according to the findings of a recent study by researchers at the University of Natal, Durban which has caught the attention of international AIDS researchers.

New hope for curbing malaria

November 9, 1999

South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland this week launched a R40-million, five-year programme aimed at controlling the spread of malaria. The control of malaria has also been complicated by the development of drug-resistant strains, forcing up the drug treatment costs. However, last year the World Health Organisation tested another drug in the Ndumo area that may […]

AIDS orphans betrayed by greedy relatives

November 9, 1999
HIV and AIDS  

BETRYAL has become a bitter reality for AIDS orphans Phiwe and Muzi Hlabisa. First death cheated them of their parents, and now greedy relatives have plundered the humble inheritance their parents gathered together after learning that they were HIV-positive. The betrayal of Phiwe and Muzi is made all the more difficult because government has no […]

Scare-tactics don’t work

November 5, 1999
HIV and AIDS  

“Do you want to die? If not, wear a condom,” is one of the messages the DP’s Mike Ellis feels should be broadcast to South Africans to wake them up to “the threat AIDS poses to all citizens”. He could not have chosen a formulation more at odds with current international approaches to condom-promotion. Promoting […]

Tshwane patients complain about poor care

October 15, 0201
Health Management   OurHealth  

Health workers urge patients of Tshwane’s Dilopye Clinic to put complaints in writing as community members continue to complain about poor care at doctor’s hands.