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More supermarkets mean more unhealthy food choices

February 9, 2001       News  

Shopping in supermarkets significantly increases body mass index (BMI), and contributes to eating more processed and highly processed foods and less fresh fruit and vegetables, this is according to a recent study.

Cholera plan reaches ‘entire generation’

February 9, 2001
Environmental Health  

Each cholera case is costing KwaZulu-Natal an extra R600 per person, but the province believes their anti-cholera plan is effective and that an entire generated is being educated about the disease and basic hygiene. Kerry Cullinan reports.

Talking about sex can save lives
Living with AIDS – programme 18

February 9, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

In this audio feature, we focus on the value of talking about sex and sexuality. Children and adolescents need to receive appropriate and accurate information to keep them safe and healthy in a society which has one of the fastest growing rates of HIV transmission in the world.

Speaking in tongues – lay people learn the language of HIV science
Living with AIDS – Programme 17

February 1, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

It stands to reason that if something affects you, you’re more likely to take an interest in understanding it. Treatment literacy – the process of understanding how a disease affects you and what medication works best – is still relatively undeveloped in South Africa. In the United States, however, AIDS activists have not been content […]

Learn more, live better
Living with AIDS – Programme 16

January 26, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

Living in denial about HIV/AIDS is not good for your mental or physical health. Three people with HIV/AIDS talk about living with the disease. Linda Sambata, Pholokgolo Ramothwala and Sindiswa Godwana all say that the more they learn about the virus and how to look after themselves, the better they feel about their lives.

Decentralised health service has many pitfalls, warns expert

January 19, 2001
Health Funding  

Healthcare delivery is one of the added responsibilities that newly elected local governments will have to manage. In theory, decentralised health care can provide a better service, but if poorly managed can increase the gap between rich and poor.

Positive people hoping for a positive new year
Living with AIDS programme 15[January 18, 2001]

January 19, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

2000 was a year all too often fraught with confusion, anger and frustration for those people living with HIV/AIDS. But as we head into the new year, what are people who have the HI virus hoping for? Sue Valentine compiled this report.

Determined doctor defies patents
Living with AIDS programme 14

January 19, 2001
HIV Treatment  

Steve Andrews has seen too many patients die of opportunistic infections related to HIV/AIDS that could have been prevented if the drugs were affordable. He respects the right of pharmaceutical companies to make a profit, but in the case of Fluconazole believes that it borders on the criminal not to make the medicine available. That’s […]