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VIDEO: Journalism for Change

January 19, 2001       Multimedia  

Our team investigates, analyzes and reports on public health issues to empower people to make healthy choices, hold decision makers accountable and promote debate.

Determined doctor defies patents
Living with AIDS programme 14

January 19, 2001
HIV Treatment  

Steve Andrews has seen too many patients die of opportunistic infections related to HIV/AIDS that could have been prevented if the drugs were affordable. He respects the right of pharmaceutical companies to make a profit, but in the case of Fluconazole believes that it borders on the criminal not to make the medicine available. That’s […]

Generic company wins right to produce antibiotic

January 19, 2001
Policy and Legislation  

A South African generic manufacturer recently won its case against pharmaceutical giant SmithKline Beecham allowing it to produce a generic of SKB’€™s penicillin-based antibiotic.

Why Nkosi has made such an impact

January 12, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

As the vigil next to Nkosi Johnson’s bedside continues and messages of support flood in from around South Africa and the world, doctors and AIDS lobbyists have applauded the contribution that this eleven year old little boy has made to challenging the ignorance and prejudice all too often associated with HIV/AIDS. Sue Valentine compiled this […]

Doctor who puts patient rights before patent rights

January 10, 2001
HIV Treatment  

A few weeks ago, the generic drug, Biozole, was successfully tested and found to be a valid equivalent of the anti-fungal medication, Fluconazole. This fulfils the conditions required by the Medicines Control Council before it can grant a Section 21 exemption that will allow Biozole to be used as a valid generic for specific purposes. […]

Little boy with a big heart

January 9, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

Nkosi Johnson is in a semi-coma at his home in Melville, Johannesburg. During his 11years, the soft-spoken but determined little boy who was born with the HI virus has achieved more than many do in a lifetime. He has addressed world conferences, fought and won the right to attend his local school and established a […]

AIDS Clinic cuts back as patients increase and funds dwindle

December 15, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Earlier  in the year  Health-e reported that Johannesburg Hospital’s AIDS Clinic was unable to cope with the increasing load of patients. Nine months later, after  cutting back on patient numbers the clinic continues to only treat about 70 patients on Tuesdays, while new patients are subjected to waiting lists of up to four months. The […]

Child sexual abuse and rise in HIV are connected

December 15, 2000
Children's Health  

Researchers are concerned that the increase in the rate of sexual abuse of young girls, as well as increased mortality among girls aged between 15 – 19 years, are due to a change in men’s sexual habits to avoid HIV by having sex with virgins and young girls. Jo Stein reports.