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Tackling rape culture in schools

October 5, 2000       News  

How do we create a generation of young women who know their rights and young men who are less likely than their fathers to raise their fists? The Department of Basic Education believes we can learn from Sweden, and improve sexuality education in schools to teach learners about gender inequality, power, violence, and rape culture.

Living with AIDS Programme 2 (September 28, 2000)

October 5, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

This week, in our weekly feature on HIV/AIDS, the World Bank has completed new research on the impact of HIV/AIDS on South African society. Sue Valentine reports.

Living with AIDS Programme 3 (October 5, 2000)

October 5, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

In this week’s programme, we visit the Mother to Child Treatment (MTCT) programme in Khayelitsha. The MTCT programme is not only proving successful in helping pregnant women prevent the transmission of HIV to their babies, but is also having a significant impact on how people understand and respond to the HIV/AIDS.

Growing our human potential

September 29, 2000

“The success the world has had in protecting children’€™s rights and realising human potential is captured far more eloquently in flesh and bone than in concrete or steel, far more tellingly in the height of children than that of skyscrapers.”

Keeping healthcare on track

September 29, 2000
Health Management  

Phelophepa, Transnet’€™s mobile health train that has bought primary health care to thousands of rural South Africans, is managing to reach almost 5 000 individuals every week. Within four years the train has managed to reach a total of 67 855 patients, who receive quality and in most cases, free health care. ANSO THOM reports.

A to Z of cholera

September 29, 2000
Diseases and Disorders  

What is cholera, how is it transmitted, what can be done to prevent its spread? This summary answers all your questions about the disease.

Violence is what we teach our children shows Birth to Ten study

September 29, 2000
Children's Health  

The Birth to Ten study in Johannesburg is one of the biggest and longest running studies of child health and development world-wide. The study suggests that while poverty in itself does not make for maladapted children, violence has extremely damaging psychological effects. Jo Stein reports

Memory Boxes

September 29, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

When Agnes Nyamayarwo’€™s son, Peter, was four years old, he discovered from a boy at his school that his mother was HIV positive.”This boy warned the other children not to share Peter’€™s food because they would get AIDS from him,” says Nyamayarwo.”I felt very bad that he heard it from school. We think we are […]