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Wonder drug helps fight against drug-resistant TB

June 1, 2001       News  

A death sentence. That is how the deadliest form of tuberculosis (TB) is often described. But breakthrough data from South Africa on the blockbuster anti-TB drug bedaquiline could change the fate of people with extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB).

Start nevirapine programme ourselves, De Lille urges

June 1, 2001
HIV Prevention  

Government’€™s failure to prevent mothers from transmitting HIV to their babies means that South Africans should get down and start such programmes themselves, says Pan Africanist Congress MP Patricia de Lille.

Johannesburg Airport investigated for illegal tobacco advertising

May 31, 2001
Alcohol & Drugs  

The National Council Against Smoking has fired the first salvo in the war against tobacco advertising by laying a formal complaint with the police after several shops at Johannesburg International Airport were found to be displaying logos and advertisements. Health-e reports on World No Tobacco Day…

The business of AIDS

May 25, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

While the heat of public attention has been focused on government and its response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the business sector has been slow to come to terms with the potential impact of the disease on people and how to pre-empt it.

Anger and attitude affect rate of heart disease

May 24, 2001
Diseases and Disorders  

There is substantial research to show that in addition to diet and exercise, psycho-social factors play a significant role in in the cause ‘€“ and treatment ‘€“ of heart disease. Kerry Cullinan reports.

New trial for children’€™s malaria vaccine

May 24, 2001
Tuberculosis (TB)  

Africa’€™s biggest killer disease could be stopped in its tracks if a new malaria vaccine for children proves successful in clinical trials which are due to begin soon in The Gambia.

Window on the world of family medicine

May 21, 2001
Health Management  

Smoking, domestic violence, HIV, heart attacks, depression… All societies’ woes – many exacerbated by the stresses of globalisation – land up in the hands of doctors.But being a family doctor is often an isolating experience. Thus, the 16th World Congress of Family Doctors (WONCA) held last week in Durban was an opportunity for doctors to […]

Doctors urged to remember the ‘human face’ in their medical practices

May 17, 2001
Health Management  

The need for doctors to act ethically in the day to day practice of medicine was emphasised by Dr Wendy Orr at the World Congress of Family Doctors being held in Durban this week, while another speaker lambasted government for failing to address problems in rural healthcare.