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NHI gets cash, but detail vague

September 17, 2008       News  

BUDGET: R4,2-billion has been allocated the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme to be spent over the three years – but exactly how the NHI will work remains vague

HIV and TB must be treated together, study shows

Patients with tuberculosis and HIV are twice as likely to survive if they are treated for both conditions at the same time, than those who are first treated for TB.

HIV/AIDS and lesbian women

The sexual rights and health needs of lesbian women have been largely overlooked both in public and scholarly discourses as well as at the level of health care service delivery. Opinion piece by Melanie Judge and Delene van Dyk

National survey to measure and manage HIV risk in universities Living with AIDS # 366

September 11, 2008
HIV and AIDS   HIV Prevention   HIV Treatment  

For the first time ever, research is underway to determine the impact of HIV on South African university students and staff.

Breathing in Captivity

As more and more South Africans get infected with tuberculosis, government programmes that once could be counted on to bring TB under control are no longer adequate.

Desperate Doctors

Doctors in KZN healthcare facilities battle against the Department of Health.

How Clive found his gift Living with AIDS # 365

September 4, 2008
HIV and AIDS  

‘€œHIV has probably been one of the biggest gifts that have ever been given to me’€ writes Clive Harvey Fox, a 51 year old Capetonian in his book, ‘€œFinding my Gift.’€

Waiting for a donor to give her freedom

September 2, 2008
Diseases and Disorders  

It all seems like old hat for Jennifer-Joyce Hendricks. She walks into the open ward, places her file on the shelf, greets the sister, slips her shoes off for the weigh-in and takes her seat in one of the black lazy-boy chairs.