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Salmonella a risk with backyard chickens

December 1, 2008       News  

NORTH WEST – Breeding chickens at home, also known as backyard poultry farming, has come under the spotlight following this week’s recall of over 200-million eggs in the US.

Taking on the Quacks

Welcome to CAPETOWN ‘€“ the seat of a government that for many years confused it’€™s people about the best ways for treating HIV. Vitamins, olive oil, lemon and beetroot, and a number of traditional therapies were promoted over scientifically proven life-prolonging anti-retroviral treatment.

Of treatments and cures

There is still no known cure for AIDS. Antiretroviral medication remains the only way to treat and manage the condition if one’€™s CD 4 cell count, which measures how strong a person’€™s immune system is, drops to below 200. But many continue to deceive those living with HIV, claiming that they can cure them of […]

Challenges encountered Living with AIDS # 373

A condom shortage and a province running out of money for health services are two of challenges the new Health Minister has been dealing with lately to avoid a huge embarrassment before World AIDS Day on Monday.

Cautious response to radical WHO model for HIV elimination

November 27, 2008
HIV and AIDS   HIV Prevention   HIV Treatment  

HIV could theoretically be eliminated if all people were tested each year and given antiretrovirals straight away if they tested positive, regardless of whether they were sick, World Health Organisation researchers have proposed.

“With this HIV test, I thee wed”

November 27, 2008
HIV and AIDS  

NIGERIA -(PlusNews) – Getting married in Nigeria often requires more than just the bride and groom turning up at the altar, and having witnesses and wedding rings present: many Christian churches also require an HIV test certificate.

Sex for jobs in export processing zones

November 27, 2008
HIV and AIDS  

NAIROBI-(PlusNews) – At the gates of one of Kenya’s export processing zones (EPZs) men and women push and shove each other, trying to get their national identity cards taken by the guards.

Widows risk HIV in purification rites

November 27, 2008
HIV and AIDS  

MOZAMBIQUE -(PlusNews) – When Mariana Uchandidhora’s husband was killed in a traffic accident in South Africa a year ago, tradition required that she have sex with her deceased husband’s brother in order to be purified.