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Rehab on the cards for rural addicts

October 16, 2008       News  

LIMPOPO – The recent rise in drug abuse amongst youth in Vhembe district, and a lack of facilities to assist those who are addicted and wants to quit is the main cause behind high rates of rapes, robberies and school drop-outs.

AIDS tops Minister’€™s agenda

Improving our track record in dealing with HIV and AIDS is one of two key priority areas that the new Health Minister, Barbara Hogan, says she will focus on in the next six months.

New minister promises health turnaround

There is no reason why our dysfunctional health system cannot be turned around within five years, according to new Health Minister Barbara Hogan.

Killer virus identified

October 12, 2008
Diseases and Disorders  

Johannesburg – The mystery viral haemorrhagic fever which killed three people in South Africa has been provisionally identified as an arenavirus, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases and the Department of Health said on Sunday.

Patient, paramedic and nurse die of mystery illness in Johannesburg

October 5, 2008
Diseases and Disorders  

The National Department of Health and its Gauteng counterpart are on high alert following the confirmation of three cases of an unknown highly infectious disease which has since led to three deaths.

IFP blames ‘callous, incompetent and criminally negligent’ health system for baby deaths

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) has called on the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and Nursing Council to investigate those hospitals responsible for the seemingly negligent deaths of the 140 children in the Ukhahlamba district of the Eastern Cape.

140 baby deaths due to poor health services

Poor health care at several Eastern Cape hospitals left more than 140 underprivileged children dead in one of South Africa’€™s poorest districts within the first three months of this year.

Barbara Hogan faces the media

October 2, 2008
Health Management   HIV and AIDS  

Barbara Hogan faced the media for the first time this week following her whirlwind promotion to one of the country’s toughest portfolios.