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More supermarkets mean more unhealthy food choices

August 7, 2018       News  

Shopping in supermarkets significantly increases body mass index (BMI), and contributes to eating more processed and highly processed foods and less fresh fruit and vegetables, this is according to a recent study.

Rural students lead initiative to clean the environment

August 7, 2018
OurHealth   Rural Health  

LIMPOPO – After realising that local rivers in the Vhembe district have been polluted by uninformed villagers who don’t understand the importance of the clean environment to their health, young students have made it their priority to clean and educate people about health benefits of clean environment.

‘Don’t humiliate me’ says brave teen

August 7, 2018
HIV and AIDS   OurHealth  

NORTHERN CAPE – Fourteen year old Dineo (*not her real name), born with HIV and a member of the Future Leaders movement, says she hates teachers using her as the example when discussing HIV positive people at school.

Managing pain – not death

August 6, 2018

Hospices are associated with dying, but many simply help people to cope with the pain or the psychosocial problems they are experiencing rather than preparing them to die. Health-e’s AMY GREEN reports.

Many miles for youth service

August 3, 2018

Ananelang Tumi Motumi (26), who has just returned from Amsterdam following a reward trip to the World AIDS Conference 2018, describes the experience as the best time of her life.

Residents halt water project until they get jobs

August 2, 2018

LIMPOPO – A water project meant to supply Mashau village and surrounding villages in Vuwani with clean drinking water is under threat after residents who were promised temporary employment at the project were not hired.

#TotalShutdown marches proceed as family mourns murdered teen

August 1, 2018

MPUMALANGA – While thousands of women marching across the country against gender-based violence #TotalShutdown #NoMore, one family mourned the death of their 13-year-old daughter.

Hospital CEOs urged to improve revenue collection

August 1, 2018

LIMPOPO – Treasury MEC Rob Tooley says effective revenue collection strategies in the Department of Health were needed as millions remained uncollected in the province.