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Angry contractors leave a school without toilets

April 17, 2018
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LIMPOPO – While most of the schools damaged during demarcation protests in Vuwani have been renovated, Frank Mukhaswakule Primary School in Mashau village has been left with unfinished classrooms, dilapidated old pit toilets and dangerous holes on the school grounds.

Municipality fails to address poor sanitation

April 13, 2018
News   OurHealth   Water & Sanitation  

EASTERN CAPE – For the people of Flagstaff access to basic sanitation services remains a massive and ongoing challenge, and even the municipal efforts underway to address the problem are failing.

Diepsloot kids get food boost

April 9, 2018
News   OurHealth  

Almost three-quarters of Diepsloot residents live below the poverty line, while over half of adults are unemployed, according to Kliptown and Diepsloot study done by Planact.

Welfare system fails rural orphans

April 6, 2018
Children's Health   News   OurHealth   Social Services  

While it takes 30 working days for a foster care grant to be processed, checked and either approved or refused, the system has failed four orphan children from rural Tzaneen for well over a year.

Potchefstroom Hospital’s filing disaster

On a Monday at 7.30am the waiting area at the Potchefstroom Hospital in the North West province is packed full of patients. Every seat is taken, people stand at the door and general chit chat revolves around how many hours people expect to spend in the queue.

Consumers react to new sugary drinks tax

April 4, 2018
News   OurHealth  

Now that government’s strategy to reduce the sugar intake through the introduction of a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages – known as a Health Promotion Levy – consumers in general remain cynical, believing it may not have the desired impact.

Spare your babies from salt – and hypertension

March 28, 2018
News   OurHealth  

Parents should give their babies food with little or no salt to ensure that they don’t grow up with a taste for unhealthy salty food.