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Opinion: The fight for the right to food

South Africa’s Constitution is one of just 20 in the world that recognises the right to food, but realising that right will mean re-thinking agriculture and re-connecting with the source of our food, writes Busiso Moyo with the Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute think tank.

Opinion: Health fact and fiction

Recently one doctor labelled sports scientist Tim Noakes’ low carbohydrate “banting” diet as “criminal,” leaving many asking whether they stick to the popular diet. Health-e News’ Wilma Stassen says that when in doubt, look to the science.

TAC tackle Cancer Alliance on patents

OPINION: Catherine Tomlinson of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) has published an article on Quackdown that gives a detailed response to criticisms of the TAC and MSF by the Cancer Alliance.

Big Tobacco, the Food & Beverage Industry are not civil society

September 27, 2011
Opinion & Commentary  

Gregg Gonsalves responds to an article by the Global Business Coalition for Health’s (GBCHealth)about the United Nations Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) conference held in New York last week.

BLOG: Smoking is not cool

As the new health-e Tobacco Control and Cancer journalist, Lesley was surprised to find herself smoking in this posed pic. Here is the first of her blogs.

The “new normal” – cancer and sexuality

OPINION:’€œYou will never be the same again’€, is a comment you may hear from a health care provider(HCP) on receiving a diagnosis of cancer. This assuming the HCP is bold enough to state this obvious, yet highly controversial statement. You will, in fact, never be the same again.

Q&A with Prof. Lynn Denny

November 4, 2009
Opinion & Commentary  

One of the organisers of the upcoming AORTIC conference and a leading expert on cervical cancer Professor Lynette Denny shares her thoughts on the cancer burden in Africa and what can be done to change the gloomy picture.