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South Africa’s rural cancer conundrum

Two types of conditions can spell death in South Africa’s rural areas, and I just diagnosed a patient with one of them, writes a rural doctor in the latest installment of our Rural Reflections blog.

Opinion: Psychologists playing a defensive game

March 31, 2016
Mental Health   Opinion & Commentary  

In a country plagued by endemic violence and social inequality, psychologists cannot constrain themselves to the four walls of consulting rooms. To meet the needs of its patients, psychology must rethink its identity and voice in the fight for social justice, writes Garret Barnwell.

[Updated]The hidden violence: Women and attempted suicide

For hundreds of murdered South African women, the last face they see is a face they used to love. Almost 60 percent of women murdered annually may die by their partner’s hands but who is counting the women who die by their own hands when violence at home becomes too much, asks Garret Barnwell.

Open letter to Thabo Mbeki by a clinical associate

Sanele Sano Ngcobo is a clinical associate. He pens this letter to Former President Thabo Mbeki in the wake of Mbeki’s latest letter attempting to explain his controversial stance on HIV.

Mbeki still believes his own AIDS propaganda

Former President Thabo Mbeki has defended his controversial stance on HIV, which has been blamed for the deaths of at least 330,000 South Africans. For Health-e News Managing Editor Kerry Cullinan, Mbeki’s letter finally answers a question that’s haunted her for years.

[Updated] National Health Insurance chance to improve quality

The public has until 31 May* to comment on the NHI White Paper, but the response has been muted. Yet the NHI provides an opportunity to improve quality and address the lack of health workers, writes Section27’s Sasha Stevenson.

AIDS progress is a good story

December 1, 2015
HIV and AIDS   Opinion & Commentary  

COMMENT: Amid a growing list of government blunders, the one good story to tell is the progress that the Zuma administration has made against AIDS – but the war has not yet been won.