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Will villages across SA remain without water after elections?

May 13, 2019
Opinion & Commentary  

South Africans want actual change as the dust of elections settles, but will it come?

Elections Cheat Sheet: Your guide to a feminist vote

May 3, 2019
Opinion & Commentary  

Like many South African women and queer people, you may find yourself in a conundrum about which political party to give your “X” to on May 8. Here is Health-e’s quick cheat sheet to help you make a pro-women, pro-queer choice — developed in partnership with the #Yvote4U campaign.

MSF: Secret medicine prices cost lives

April 10, 2019
Opinion & Commentary  

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is calling upon governments to put an end to the secrecy that rules in the field of pharmaceutical products when they meet this week at the World Health Organisation Fair Pricing Forum to discuss access to essential medicines.

Top three parties’ position on sexual & reproductive justice

March 18, 2019
Opinion & Commentary  

Do you know what your favourite political party’s stance is on sex work, gender-based violence and abortion?

Despite side-effects, docs promote old TB treatment

November 20, 2018
Opinion & Commentary  

At a recent international TB conference, some doctors suggested countries with weak health systems should not be allowed to use new TB drugs, although the old ones are ineffectual and cause deafness. Thankfully, South Africa is leading the world in treating drug-resistant TB.

#MTBPS2018: Flattery to Deceive

October 25, 2018
Opinion & Commentary  

With elections looming in 2019, the MTBPS was always going to be a case of “flattering to deceive” with no concrete commitment to addressing the crisis in health, report RUSSELL RENSBURG and SAMANTHA KHAN-GILLMORE

#OmotosoTrial: We are all Peter Daubermann

October 19, 2018
Opinion & Commentary  

Ever wondered why many survivors don’t talk about their sexual violence experiences? Watching Cheryl Zondi on the stand is all the answer you need.