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Bad diet complicates obese granny’s health

February 14, 2017
News   Obesity   OurHealth  

Three meals a day of pap smothered in fish oil or butter have resulted in 61-year-old grandmother gaining so much weight that she is now bed-ridden.

Sugar tax debate reaches parliament

February 1, 2017

Jobs or health? Parliamentary committees hears views on the sugary drinks tax.  

Coke faces deception case

January 23, 2017

Buying scientists. Misleading the public. Coca Cola USA is facing a lawsuit for manipulating the public. Meanwhile in South Africa, fizzy drink manufacturers are using all kinds of tactics to stop the proposed tax on sugary drinks. 

Gym-free journey to fitness

January 3, 2017
News   Obesity   OurHealth   Women's Health  

Obesity in South Africa is increasing by 70% in women and 40% in men – and we need to do something about it. This is according to the Department of Health, which reported the statistics on World Obesity Day this year.

My lifestyle has kept me healthy says woman (96)

December 23, 2016
Ageing   News   Obesity   OurHealth  

Mmakoloi Mokoena, a 96-year old resident from Clarens in the Free State, says she says she owes her long life and good health to a healthy lifestyle and good food.

Taxi drivers fueled by caffeine and sugar

December 12, 2016

December means long hours for taxi drivers as they ferry passengers around the country – and sugar and caffeine keep many drivers on the road.

Video: Is it time to cut out sugary drinks?

Is being hospitalised enough motivation to implement tough lifestyle changes – starting with going cold turkey on sugary drinks? We bring you the story of one man who is on the brink of this decision, while his state of health hangs in the balance.