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Diabetic battles to eat right despite amputation

July 16, 2018
Diabetes   Nutrition   Obesity   OurHealth  

Despite having undergone the amputation of half of her right foot three years ago due to diabetes, Morongwa Tsatsi (65) of Alexandra township still battles to follow the healthy diet required for her condition.

VIDEO: A balanced diet in an unequal society

Many South Africans don’t earn enough to afford healthy foods and end up with ‘lifestyle’ diseases like diabetes. Noma-Afrika is a domestic worker whose story illustrates that inequality permeates our diets too.

Sugar tax: Tow truck drivers’ jobs not the focus of road safety!

June 1, 2017

Government does not stop trying to reduce road accidents because tow truck drivers will lose their jobs, so why are job losses the main focus of the sugary drinks tax?

Sugar tax: too weak to be healthy?

March 30, 2017

Government has so weakened its proposed tax on sugary drinks that it might not be enough to encourage consumers to switch to healthier drinks.

Fight to beat diabetes and early death

February 28, 2017
Diabetes   Obesity   OurHealth  

Makhehla Mosia from Qwaqwa in the Free State believes years of bad eating habits are what led her to develop type 2 diabetes and poor health.

Bad diet complicates obese granny’s health

February 14, 2017
News   Obesity   OurHealth  

Three meals a day of pap smothered in fish oil or butter have resulted in 61-year-old grandmother gaining so much weight that she is now bed-ridden.

Sugar tax debate reaches parliament

February 1, 2017

Jobs or health? Parliamentary committees hears views on the sugary drinks tax.