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‘Hungry people are angry people’

November 6, 2017
News   Nutrition  

Fourteen million South Africans are going to bed hungry every night. But the handover of land to farm workers in Rustler’s Valley, initiated by activists Jay and Kumi Naidoo and Gino Govender, is enabling once destitute people to feed themselves

VIDEO: A balanced diet in an unequal society

Many South Africans don’t earn enough to afford healthy foods and end up with ‘lifestyle’ diseases like diabetes. Noma-Afrika is a domestic worker whose story illustrates that inequality permeates our diets too.

Free State hospital wins best vegetable garden award

March 2, 2017
Nutrition   OurHealth  

Tshimo ya Bophelo, meaning the Garden of Health, is a community vegetable garden project situated at Thebe District Hospital in Harrismith in the Free State that has proven to be such a successful venture that it has won awards.

Getting to the heart of heartburn

January 4, 2017
News   Nutrition   OurHealth  

Ash is used as a home remedy for heartburn – however, something that could actually bring heartburn relief is fighting obesity. This is according to Dr Anish Sheth, a gastroenterologists and assistant professor of medicine at Yale University, who says people are at higher risk of having heartburn when they are obese.

Video: Is it time to cut out sugary drinks?

Is being hospitalised enough motivation to implement tough lifestyle changes – starting with going cold turkey on sugary drinks? We bring you the story of one man who is on the brink of this decision, while his state of health hangs in the balance.

Diabetes and inequality: Most Africans undiagnosed

Almost a century after the discovery of insulin diabetes is still killing many people, especially those in poorer nations.

Food prices drive ‘hidden hunger’

October 24, 2016

Huge food price increases mean that many South Africans are eating less, skipping meals and buying filling food that lack nutrients.