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‘No time’ for healthy food

Taxi drivers from Kuruman to Nelspruit confess that fizzy drinks and junk food are a central part of their rushed lives.

The deadly consequences of obesity

By turning to another man for comfort after her obese husband lost interest in sex, a Free State woman’s actions sparked a tragic series of events that ended in murder.

Parents urged to act as childhood obesity rates climb

Experts urged parents to lead by example and help tackle childhood obesity, on World Obesity Day yesterday.

SA girls more obese than boys, but why?

This World Obesity Day experts warn of an emerging epidemic among our nation’s children. But why is it that girls, especially those living in urban areas, have obesity rates that double their age group’s average?

South Africa battles health burden from both infectious and non-communicable diseases

NEWS RELEASE: New Global Burden of Disease Study reveals that income, education, and birth rates – while critical – are not the only keys to healthy living in 195 countries.

Super-size South Africa: the role of the supermarket

Does the expansion of supermarkets across the country have anything to do with our expanding waist-lines?

Breastfeeding’s protections last into old age

Recent research suggests that breast milk can protect newborns from developing obesity and diabetes later in life.