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Diabetes deaths echo AIDS epidemic

Clinics are overwhelmed by diabetes and hypertension epidemics, yet government recently weakened proposals to tax sugary drinks driving this epidemic.

Sugar tax to take the fizz out of sodas

February 22, 2017
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)  

Sugary cold drinks are likely to get an extra tax in today’s Budget, joining cigarettes and alcohol in the sin bin.

NCD burden is killing health system

February 6, 2017
News   Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)  

Our cities have become hives of gluttony, as South Africans embrace junk diets. The health impact is profound and preaching prevention is almost impossible in the face of massive marketing campaigns.

Call for graphic health images on SA cigarette boxes

Activists say our anti-tobacco policies have gone “stale” calling for stronger regulations including health warnings in the form of graphic pictures.

Video: Is it time to cut out sugary drinks?

Is being hospitalised enough motivation to implement tough lifestyle changes – starting with going cold turkey on sugary drinks? We bring you the story of one man who is on the brink of this decision, while his state of health hangs in the balance.

Video: Sugary drinks fuel taxi drivers

Taxi drivers spend long hours on the road which often leaves them with very little time to consider a healthy diet, so they turn to sugary drinks for energy and sustenance.

Diabetes and inequality: Most Africans undiagnosed

Almost a century after the discovery of insulin diabetes is still killing many people, especially those in poorer nations.