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Ramaphosa’s morning exercise: A ‘powerful’ message for South Africans

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi argues that the political leadership shown by newly elected president Cyril Ramaphosa is a powerful tool in the fight against a growing “explosion” of lifestyle diseases, writes HEALTH-E’s Amy Green.

Horrifying cycle of amputations

October 11, 2017
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)  

WORLD OBESITY DAY: A desperate surgeon appeals for help as diabetic patients overwhelm his wards.

Non-communicable diseases a threat to the health system

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) threaten to overwhelm a health system already under strain from HIV and tuberculosis.

A lifetime of swallowing pills

Balancing HIV treatment with a myriad of ‘lifestyle’ diseases such as diabetes and hypertension is tricky. Patients have to take lots of pills, some medicines interact badly and there are side effects. But this is the future in our clinics as HIV positive patients age and poor diet and lack of exercise take their toll.

VIDEO: A balanced diet in an unequal society

Many South Africans don’t earn enough to afford healthy foods and end up with ‘lifestyle’ diseases like diabetes. Noma-Afrika is a domestic worker whose story illustrates that inequality permeates our diets too.

Diabetes deaths echo AIDS epidemic

Clinics are overwhelmed by diabetes and hypertension epidemics, yet government recently weakened proposals to tax sugary drinks driving this epidemic.

Sugar tax to take the fizz out of sodas

February 22, 2017
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)  

Sugary cold drinks are likely to get an extra tax in today’s Budget, joining cigarettes and alcohol in the sin bin.