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Treatment roll-out – what it means for businessLiving with AIDS #153

November 25, 2003

Last month marked a turning point in the South African government’s response to the AIDS epidemic as the Cabinet approved the final draft of the Operational Plan for Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Care and Treatment. As the stage is now set for the roll-out, new challenges are looming for many sectors of society. The business […]

Canada to lift patents on ARVs

November 7, 2003

More than a month ago Canada announced, to great applause from the developing world and tireless AIDS activists, that it was willing to change its laws and allow generic drug manufacturers to export cheaper anti-retrovirals to poorer countries. Health-e looks at how the announcement came about and when it is likely to start delivering the […]

Nepad failure to engage with HIV is “disastrous”

November 4, 2003

As Nepad’s efforts to coordinate African development creates jobs and opportunities, those who benefit may become more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, an AIDS conference in Maputo hears.

Mozambique has ambitious AIDS plan

November 4, 2003

MAPUTO: Despite being one of Africa’s poorest nations, Mozambique has started an ambitious HIV/AIDS treatment plan which has already been treating patients with antiretroviral drugs for 300 days.

Waiting for Cabinet approval

October 31, 2003

People living with HIV/AIDS around the country are anxiously waiting to see whether Cabinet will approve an operational plan to introduce anti-retroviral drugs into the public health sector.

New ways to prevent HIV?

October 24, 2003

Projections in the Africa Journal of AIDS Research show that HIV incidence rates in the 15 to 49 years age group have decreased from 4.2 % in 1997 to 1.7 % in 2003. Health-e spoke to researchers who believe that new sexual practices among the youth are at the core of this change.

ARVs for everyone

October 21, 2003

Every district in the country will be compelled to offer anti-retroviral drugs to citizens if Cabinet approves the drug rollout plan that is expected to be presented to it in the near future.