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Waiting for Cabinet approval

October 31, 2003

People living with HIV/AIDS around the country are anxiously waiting to see whether Cabinet will approve an operational plan to introduce anti-retroviral drugs into the public health sector.

New ways to prevent HIV?

October 24, 2003

Projections in the Africa Journal of AIDS Research show that HIV incidence rates in the 15 to 49 years age group have decreased from 4.2 % in 1997 to 1.7 % in 2003. Health-e spoke to researchers who believe that new sexual practices among the youth are at the core of this change.

ARVs for everyone

October 21, 2003

Every district in the country will be compelled to offer anti-retroviral drugs to citizens if Cabinet approves the drug rollout plan that is expected to be presented to it in the near future.

Children can take ARVs

October 17, 2003

Children with AIDS can take antiretroviral medicines but caregivers need to know how to monitor these young patients. Health-e talks to Dr Mark Cotton, a children’€™s specialist at Tygerberg Children’€™s Hospital.

Brotherly love ‘€“ Part 3Living with AIDS # 148

October 16, 2003

In this third and final feature, we travel with Goitsemang to the doctor as he learns more about HIV and AIDS in an effort to assist his sister, Dibuseng, who was diagnosed with HIV three months ago.

HIV/AIDS ‘€“ Lessons from Brazil

October 14, 2003

In 1990 the World Bank predicted that within ten years there would be 1,2 million HIV infections in Brazil. Thirteen years later, this scenario has yet to materialise. Health-e News Service looks at the Brazilian response to HIV/AIDS.

Brotherly love – Part 1Living with AIDS # 146

October 10, 2003

Many people equate an HIV diagnosis with imminent death. Not only is this false, but more important, early diagnosis of HIV improves one’s chances of survival. Goitsemang Nnetlane (not his real name) from the Northern Cape recently heard that his sister, Dibuseng (also not her real name) had been diagnosed with HIV. His first thought […]