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No more tax breaks for medical aid members?

Tax breaks for medical aid members – amounting to R20-billion annually – may get may be scrapped if Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi gets his way.

NHI: more pragmatism and less ideology

As South Africa grapples with how to implement “universal health service” via the National Health Insurance, a specialist advises more pragmatism and less ideology.

National Health Insurance: Bring in the specialists

There’s a dire shortage of medical specialists, yet provinces have cut budgets for their training. Specialists need to be involved in planning the NHI roll-out to prevent such things from happening, writes South African Society of Anaesthesiologists CEO Natalie Zimmelman.

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Public Consultation: National Health Insurance White Paper

The following April 2016 dates have been set aside for consultation on the National Health Insurance White Paper.

[Updated] National Health Insurance chance to improve quality

The public has until 31 May* to comment on the NHI White Paper, but the response has been muted. Yet the NHI provides an opportunity to improve quality and address the lack of health workers, writes Section27’s Sasha Stevenson.

maternal deaths

White paper: National Health Insurance for South Africa

December 14, 2015
National Health Insurance (NHI)   Reports  

The 97-page paper outlines the country’s path to universal health coverage over 14 years and proposes dramatic changes in the role of private medical aids and the National Health Laboratory Services among others.

White Paper fuzzy on how to get private doctors’ buy-in

December 14, 2015
National Health Insurance (NHI)  

We’ve finally been given government’s blue-print for how it plans to marry the private and public health sectors – the NHI White Paper. But many areas are fuzzy, particularly how it will persuade private doctors to work in a system that is likely to mean more work and less pay.