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What now for patients after psychiatric hospital closes?

June 15, 2016
Mental Health   News  

Relatives of mentally ill loved ones protested last week, saying their family members are not doing well since they were discharged from Life Esidimeni’s psychiatric hospitals.

Families vow to fight patient transfers

May 25, 2016
Mental Health  

As the fate of almost 2000 mental health patients set to be booted from a state-funded hospital remains unclear, patient families have vowed to take their fight to the steps of the Gauteng Department of Health.

maternal deaths

Policy guidelines: 72-hour Assessment of Involuntary Mental Healthcare Users

April 29, 2016
Health Management   Mental Health   Reports  

These 18-page guidelines list facility requirements for holding mental health patients for 72-hour involuntary assessments as well relevant procedure and guidelines for clinicians.

maternal deaths

Policy guidelines: Seclusion and Restraint of Mental Health Care Users

April 28, 2016
Health Management   Mental Health   Reports  

The Department of Health’s guidelines detail how healthcare workers may use seclusion and physical restraint with mental patients and caution that these actions should be seen as a last resort.

Opinion: Psychologists playing a defensive game

March 31, 2016
Mental Health   Opinion & Commentary  

In a country plagued by endemic violence and social inequality, psychologists cannot constrain themselves to the four walls of consulting rooms. To meet the needs of its patients, psychology must rethink its identity and voice in the fight for social justice, writes Garret Barnwell.

[Updated]The hidden violence: Women and attempted suicide

For hundreds of murdered South African women, the last face they see is a face they used to love. Almost 60 percent of women murdered annually may die by their partner’s hands but who is counting the women who die by their own hands when violence at home becomes too much, asks Garret Barnwell.

Child suicide attempts may stem from anxiety

February 23, 2016
Children's Health   Mental Health   OurHealth  

A Northern Cape community has been shocked by the suicide attempt by a 10-year-old boy. Experts say that children who attempt suicide may be calling out for help to deal with anxiety and an inability to cope with certain situations.