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How to survive (your family) during the holidays

December 19, 2018
Mental Health  

The Christmas break is seen as a time to spend with loved ones, go on holiday or take some time off work. But for many people, their families could be the source of their anxiety and depression, making the “festive” season, a time of loneliness and sadness.

The war on our minds

December 18, 2018
Mental Health  

South Africa is not at war, yet our rates of violence are similar to war zones. Virtually every child surveyed in Soweto has witnessed extreme violence, which means they have more in common with Palestinian children than our African neighbours – and our mental health is suffering.

Health facilities fail to provide counselling for rape survivors

Could the lack of adequate counselling and mental health services in South Africa’s health facilities leave sexual violence survivors more vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and suicide? A new national study gives us the answers.

Tackling mental health in the workplace

May 16, 2018
Mental Health   News  

 In 2017, a survey by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) revealed that just one in six employees with mental illness said they felt comfortable disclosing their condition to their manager.

Alzheimer’s patients misunderstood and mistreated

April 25, 2018
Mental Health   News   OurHealth  

MPUMALANGA – “I remember the last time my mother disappeared. People from a nearby community found her walking alone in the middle of the night naked. She couldn’t remember her own name and because she was naked people thought she was a witch. They wanted to burn her alive.”

Learn from Esidimeni: Invest in community mental health

September 11, 2017
Mental Health  

Community-based mental health organisations are cash-strapped, and face ongoing threats from government that their subsidies will be cut. But the Esidimeni tragedy shows that more money should be invested in these facilities to protect patients from being discharged into hostile communities before they are ready.

Psychiatric patients at Joburg Hospital can’t wash

July 3, 2017
Mental Health   News   OurHealth  

Patients at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital (CMJAH) psychiatric ward cannot bath or shower because the water leaks into other wards.