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HIV/AIDS: Better paediatric HIV formulations

WASHINGTON DC, 23 July 2012 (PLUSNEWS) – Fewer babies are being born HIV-positive, but treatment for the more than three million children living with HIV remains under-researched and underfunded. As part of efforts to boost access to paediatric HIV treatment, researchers are getting creative, moving to better pills, kid-friendly treatment “sprinkles”, micro-tabs and even medicine-dispensing […]

Addressing Tenofovir shortages Living with AIDS # 519

The inability of contracted pharmaceutical companies to produce enough of the antiretroviral drug, Tenofovir, has forced the Health Department to increase the number of manufacturers that can produce the medicine in the face of worrying shortages.

Tenofovir shortages endanger lives Living with AIDS # 518

Insufficient production of Tenofovir, a crucial antiretroviral drug that is part of the three-drug combination therapy that AIDS patients need to suppress their virus, has left patients in the public sector taking sub-optimal treatment.

Lewens Opgeskort

Teen-retrovirale middels is wondermedisyne. Dis ses jaar terug by staatshospitale landswyd ingebruik geneem. Dit red lewens en verhoog lewenskwaliteit. Danksy die middels, is MIV en VIGS nie meer ‘n doodsvonnis nie.