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HIV: Don’t forget the elderly

Elderly people are also vulnerable to HIV and this World AIDS Day the Department of Health is urging young and old to get tested.

Code red: AIDS activists march for treatment for all

The world should not talk about the end of AIDS while 20 million people don’t have treatment, said activists who handed a memorandum to the UN’s Ban Ki-Moon in Durban on Monday.

Search for AIDS cure to be intensified

The search for an AIDS cure will be intensified, according to the International AIDS Society (IAS), which yesterday published its cure strategies and priorities.

South Africa moves to ‘test and treat’

Any HIV positive person will be able to get antiretroviral medicine irrespective of their CD4 count by September.

One pill a day to keep HIV at bay for thousands of sex workers

One pill a day will soon help keep thousands of sex workers HIV-free as South Africa is expected to announce today that it will provide antiretrovirals to thousands HIV-negative sex workers in a bid to keep them HIV free.

Open letter to Thabo Mbeki by a clinical associate

Sanele Sano Ngcobo is a clinical associate. He pens this letter to Former President Thabo Mbeki in the wake of Mbeki’s latest letter attempting to explain his controversial stance on HIV.

No ARV shortage – Department of Health

January 9, 2016
HIV - Antiretrovirals (ARVs)  

Following reports of shortages of 300mg lamivudine tablets, the Department of Health has assured the public there is no stock out of the antiretroviral (ARV) and issued clinician guidance regarding the formulation, which will no longer be offered on tender.