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Gauteng health finances in crisis

October 31, 2017
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The crisis at the Gauteng Health Department deepens by the day as unpaid suppliers withhold services and legal claims mount, while services are paralysed because bank accounts have been attached and phone lines have been suspended.

Access to new TB drugs for SA

October 18, 2017
Health Management   News  

Two thirds of all patients taking one of the newest and most revolutionary anti-tuberculosis (TB) drugs, bedaquiline, in the world are in South Africa.

New technology to aid checks on patients taking TB meds

October 16, 2017
Health Management  

Imagine a doctor or nurse could log in to an application on their phone to check if one of their patients has taken their tuberculosis (TB) medication that day, or any day for that matter?

How one man’s spinach business led to a revolution

October 11, 2017
Health Management  

In poor communities healthy food is less accessible, affordable and tasty. But, with a vegetable and a business plan, one man has started a healthy-eating revolution in a Western Cape township based on spinach.

Want to know how good your doctor is?

August 31, 2017
Health Management  

If patients had better information about private health providers, this would stimulate competition, says the Health Market Inquiry

Dire shortage of dentists

August 24, 2017
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Do you need a dentist and live in North West? Best you move, especially if your teeth need any special attention.

Weak economy compromises health service delivery – SAHR

August 24, 2017
Health Management  

While state-owned enterprises get frequent billion rand bail-outs and state corruption may have cost R100-billion, the public health sector is under massive pressure to cut costs – and this is threatening healthcare.