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System fails women desperate for safety

Domestic violence survivors rely on shelters to help leave life threatening relationships – and navigate the obstacles of the criminal justice system.

Making taxis safe for women

August 18, 2016
Gender   Sexual Violence   Violence   Women's Health  

Activists have partnered with the taxi industry on a national awareness campaign to address harassment and gender-based violence towards women commuters.

Dying to be a woman in South Africa

August 8, 2016

From violent male partners to vaginal bacteria that make a woman more likely to get HIV, it is dangerous to be a women in South Africa.

Invest in teen girls and protect them from violence

South Africa urged to invest in young women and teen girls this World Population Day

Rape within families under-reported

August 25, 2015
Gender   News   OurHealth   Sexual Violence  

Rape remains under-reported nationally but there may be no rapes more hidden than those committed within families.

Young East Rand lesbians wear the pants

August 3, 2015
Gender   Sexual Violence   Sexuality  

Knowledge of the Constitution is enabling young lesbian women on the East Rand to fight for their rights and to ‘walk tall’ in the face of persecution. They are eking out spaces for themselves through small daily acts of defiance.

Self-acceptance frees young lesbian

July 20, 2015
Gender   Sexuality   Women's Health  

After years of mental distress from trying to deny her sexuality and hide it from her family, Noxolo Nxumalo has accepted that she loves women.