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#FreeToBleed: Zero-rating and free pads to start in South Africa

April 1, 2019
Gender   News  

Bleeding every month is about to get a lot cheaper for many people who menstruate. In some cases, it may even be free.

Top three parties’ position on sexual & reproductive justice

March 18, 2019
Gender   Opinion & Commentary  

Do you know what your favourite political party’s stance is on sex work, gender-based violence and abortion?

Health facilities fail to provide counselling for rape survivors

Could the lack of adequate counselling and mental health services in South Africa’s health facilities leave sexual violence survivors more vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and suicide? A new national study gives us the answers.

We launch Survivor’s Support Service to help rape survivors

July 4, 2018

Dial *134*334# to access a free and anonymous list of services in five languages for survivors of sexual violence, or visit our map to view and rate facilities across the country.

Government urged to ban intersex genital mutilation

January 15, 2018

Three young intersex South Africans have decided to go public with their stories to bring awareness to the plight of intersex infants and children who are still currently receiving unnecessary operations in this country to make their sex characteristics fit the binary of male or female.

VIDEO: Tech tool for rape survivors

October 5, 2017
Gender   Multimedia   Sexual Violence   Video   Women's Health  

The level of rape in South Africa is comparable to a war zone. Health-e’s Izwi Lami campaign allows survivors to share their voices, access counseling services and campaign for change, all through a free SMS conversation.

Domestic violence blamed on unemployment

January 19, 2017
Gender   News   Violence  

Orange Farm – High levels of unemployment, poverty and HIV prevalence in Orange Farm township, south-west of Johannesburg, are contributing to increasing levels of domestic violence in the area.