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Micro-plastic in the water? It’s everywhere!

March 26, 2018
Environmental Health  

Every human who drinks water from a tap or bottle is exposed to tiny pieces of plastic, but no one knows yet what effect this has on our health. A recent study found high levels of micro-plastic in bottled water. Should we be worried?

‘My street is a dump site’

July 6, 2016
Environmental Health   OurHealth  

Residents are tired of people dumping their rubbish wherever they feel like it in Pestana

Refinery’s ‘potent fog’ sparks health crisis

July 4, 2016
Environmental Health  

Nose bleeds and watery eyes are just some of the symptoms experienced by a small community next door to Lonmin’s platimum refinery, but Lonmin denies any responsibility

Some docs blame pesticide not Zika

February 17, 2016
Environmental Health  

A group of doctors believe that a pesticide – not the Zika virus – may be responsible for the huge increase in microcephaly in Brazil, but health ministry disputes this

Outbreak team dispatched to typhoid patients’ homes

February 6, 2016
Environmental Health   OurHealth  

The Gauteng Department of Health has dispatched environmental health officers to the homes of recent typhoid patients to screen family and neighbours for possible new cases of the bacterial infection.

Nelspruit township goes weeks without water

As the country continues to weather a severe drought, parts of Nelspruit’s KaBokweni townships have been without water for three weeks after government departments scramble to secure the water supplies of Themba Hospital and the local clinic.

Disabled lose out in South Africa’s quest for sanitation, water

Imagine if you had to crawl outside on your hands and knees to use the toilet every time nature called. For at least 19,000 South Africans living with disabilities, daily indignities like these are just part of normal life as disabled people remain largely left behind in the country’s quest for sanitation and water.