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Diabetic battles to eat right despite amputation

July 16, 2018
Diabetes   Nutrition   Obesity   OurHealth  

Despite having undergone the amputation of half of her right foot three years ago due to diabetes, Morongwa Tsatsi (65) of Alexandra township still battles to follow the healthy diet required for her condition.

There’s a new killer in town

March 13, 2017

This killer preys on older, overweight and obese women – mainly from poor communities.

Big increase in diabetes deaths

March 1, 2017

There has been a significant increase in deaths from diabetes, which is now South Africa’s second biggest killer.

Fight to beat diabetes and early death

February 28, 2017
Diabetes   Obesity   OurHealth  

Makhehla Mosia from Qwaqwa in the Free State believes years of bad eating habits are what led her to develop type 2 diabetes and poor health.

Video: Sugary drinks fuel taxi drivers

Taxi drivers spend long hours on the road which often leaves them with very little time to consider a healthy diet, so they turn to sugary drinks for energy and sustenance.

Video: No quick fix for overcoming Obesity

November 16, 2016
Diabetes   Multimedia   Obesity  

Manie Pretorius used to be a sports enthusiast who weighed just 70 kilograms. Just a few years and a knee injury later, Pretorius weighed almost 200 kilograms. He had become obese and his state of health was on the decline.

Diabetes and inequality: Most Africans undiagnosed

Almost a century after the discovery of insulin diabetes is still killing many people, especially those in poorer nations.