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Thandeka TabletHealth-e News Service is a non-profit print and television news organisation that relies mainly on donations and commissions for its survival.

Health-e News produces print and television material for various clients therefore Health-e News content is not free-for-use for for-profit organisations. For-profit print or television outfits wishing to use or commission Health-e News content should contact

However, Health-e News remains committed to disseminating accurate reporting and information on health and therefore our content remains free for republication by non-profit organisations provided that Health-e News Service is credited.

All printed, republished Health-e News content must include “- Health-e News” at the end of the story and credit the author. Should content be republished online, a link back to the Health-e News site is required.

Kindly notify us of your intent to reprint our stories at




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  • PLEASE NOTE: Health-e News is a news service. We are therefore only able to respond to e-mails concerning specific stories or television programmes that we have published or broadcasted. These related comments or suggestions can been addressed to the editor or the relevant journalists. | We are unable to respond to e-mails of a medical nature or queries unrelated to our specific work. Please refer to our resource section for further information.

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