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Clinic accused of sending sick baby away

This mother was allegedly turned away when she took her ailing baby to their local clinic.

Teen moms are not all the same!

October 19, 2018
Children's Health  

Author Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie in a TED talk spoke of the danger of a single story. She recounted a story of her “house man” Fide, who her mother said was poverty-stricken. By Beth Amato.

Welfare system fails rural orphans

April 6, 2018
Children's Health   News   OurHealth   Social Services  

While it takes 30 working days for a foster care grant to be processed, checked and either approved or refused, the system has failed four orphan children from rural Tzaneen for well over a year.

Childhood cancer not a priority

August 18, 2017
Cancer   Children's Health   OurHealth  

As South Africa is celebrating women’s month, Reach For a Dream organisation is celebrating women who are making difference in South African medicine and making a difference in the lives of children with cancer.

Play used to boost kids’ learning skills

December 28, 2016
Children's Health   Multimedia  

Eastern Cape children between the ages of three and six are set to be the first South African children to benefit from a new learning-through-play initiative set to teach them new skills and ways of learning.

Mom bans junk after 5-year-old son hits 45kg

December 13, 2016
Children's Health   OurHealth  

A mother, upset about her five-year-old son having become extremely overweight, has managed to resolve the situation by seeking help from a counsellor and dietician.

Video: Tuck shops culprits in rising Childhood Obesity

November 24, 2016
Children's Health   Multimedia   Obesity  

As Childhood Obesity rates in South Africa continue to soar, experts say the unhealthy food on offer in school tuck shops is partly to blame.