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Row brewing between ANC and South Peninsula Municipality over smoking laws

July 4, 2001
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

While the rest of country is implementing the new smoking legislation that came into effect on Sunday, Cape Town’s South Peninsula Municipality is being accused by the ANC of stalling the process. The municipality  is in the process of rescinding a by-law that takes precedence over national law, but the ANC’s National Health Secretary Dr […]

Team approach to treating breast cancer at Groote Schuur

October 16, 2000
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

Despite “longer than desired” waiting lists for surgery, Groote Schuur’€™s Breast Clinic is able to offer hundreds of woman treatment for breast cancer. ANSO THOM reports.

Tobacco companies declare: smoking causes cancer

October 13, 2000
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

Tobacco giants Philip Morris and British American Tobacco both stated explicitly yesterday that nicotine is addictive and that smoking causes a variety of diseases. SUE VALENTINE reports.

World grapples with tobacco control

October 13, 2000
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

The first ever hearings by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to adopt a convention to control tobacco products worldwide began in Geneva yesterday (Thursday). SUE VALENTINE reports.

Checking your breasts often could save your life

October 6, 2000
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

Statistics from the Cancer Association of SA (Cansa) show that one in every 36 women in South Africa has breast cancer, now the most common cancer among South African women. ANSO THOM reports.

Protecting kids from tobacco advertising

September 1, 2000
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

Large numbers of children as young as seven years old can recognise product logos and names – even for products they don’€™t use such as cigarettes, snuff and beer.This, says Dr Krisela Steyn of the Medical Research Council, is all the more reason why the new tobacco control legislation should impose strict controls on the […]

Smoking ‘€“ what the regulations say

August 25, 2000
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

The Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act, which comes into effect on October 1st, imposes tight controls on smoking in restaurants, pubs, shebeens, hotels and workplaces, as well as limiting tobacco advertising and the sale of tobacco products.