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Tobacco companies target African kids

December 9, 2016
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

Despite tobacco companies’ commitment not to promote cigarettes to children, they are doing exactly that in Africa

Call for graphic health images on SA cigarette boxes

Activists say our anti-tobacco policies have gone “stale” calling for stronger regulations including health warnings in the form of graphic pictures.

palliative cre

A practical guide to preparing to die

Do you want to die in hospital full of tubes, or peacefully at home with loved ones? Now is the time to make proper arrangements, warns Hospice Palliative Care Association of SA (HPCA).

Cancer an unknown killer in rural South Africa

For many women in rural areas, cancer remains a killer and some say they knew too little to see the dreaded diagnosis coming.

Public meetings rally support for cervical cancer jab

As school health teams get underway with the country’s third annual human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination drive, Northern Cape public meetings aim to convince skeptical caregivers that the jab may be the best shot young girls have at preventing cervical cancer.


South Africa’s rural cancer conundrum

Two types of conditions can spell death in South Africa’s rural areas, and I just diagnosed a patient with one of them, writes a rural doctor in the latest installment of our Rural Reflections blog.

Patents could block access to breast cancer treatment for decades

The approval of patents related to a breast cancer drug has allegedly given pharmaceutical giant Roche a near monopoly on a life-saving. When the price of life may be as much as R500,000, your bank balance may be a matter of life and death.