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Your genes could predict your future, but would you want them to?

As doctors increasingly using genetic tests to predict future health, some might not like what they find gazing into science’s new crystal ball.

Key cold chain for medical research Living with AIDS # 411

November 5, 2009

South Africa’€™s first bio-bank, a cold storage facility where samples from HIV clinical trials and other diseases can be stored for years to support future medical research, was launched in Johannesburg, recently.

‘Personalised medicine’ threatens to widen medical gap even further

‘€˜Personalised medicine’€™ is the hottest trend in wealthy countries, but how do poor countries get access to gene-specific treatment when we can’€™t even get ordinary pills to people?

Radiation exposed workers want compensation

February 5, 2007

About 208 former employees of the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA) in Pelindaba, Pretoria are suffering from asthma, cancer and myetoma. Although the cause of their illnesses is not clear, it is believed that they are suffering from occupational diseases.

Call for control of genetic testing and information

August 14, 2001

Delegates at the International Conference on Birth Defects and Disabilities in the developing World have called for the establishment of a Medical Genetics Advisory Board to ensure that human rights are respected as genetic testing and counseling becomes available.