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Calls for increased budgets in the mental health sector

February 8, 2019

The Life Esidimeni tragedy, patient abuse and suicide by health professionals are among the issues pointing to a dire need for better management of public sector psychiatry.

Pastor with albinism preaches bad science

January 30, 2019

People living with albinism have sensitive skins and therefore need high factor sunblock to protect themselves when outside.

‘Stay away from energy drinks’ warns nutritionist

November 20, 2018

Students and learners who turn to energy drinks to keep them awake and their minds active while they study for long periods risk damaging their health.

Local 108-year-old swears by traditional food

November 7, 2018

Modern food is not friendly to black people who are now facing a great health threat because they have moved away from more traditional nutrition, according to Flagstaff’s ‘oldest’ resident.

Psychiatrists raise dagga concerns

November 5, 2018

Research has shown that 9% of individuals who experiment with cannabis will become addicted to it – this number increases when use starts during adolescence.

Traditional healers debate initiation school age

September 18, 2018

EASTERN CAPE – Whether young men are ready for initiation school at the age of 16, or if they should wait until they are 18 was the basis of heated discussions among traditional healers at the recent public hearings into the Customary Initiation Bill held at the Club House Hall in Flagstaff.

Cheque fraud syndicate targets EC schools

September 6, 2018

The Eastern Cape Department of Education has uncovered a cheque fraud syndicate that targets schools in Alfred Nzo municipality.