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AIDS-free baby girls face infection in their teens

July 25, 2016
AIDS 2016  

The odds are stacked against young women, making them continually at risk of HIV as long as society is dominated by men and relationships between young girls and older men are the norm.

HIV testing Campaigns are still missing the men

July 22, 2016
HIV and AIDS   HIV Prevention   menshealth   News  

If we don’t get more heterosexual men to test for HIV, the world is going to miss  the UNAIDS target of 90 percent of HIV positive people knowing their status by 2020, according to experts.

Prince Harry calls for global action against HIV

July 21, 2016

Prince Harry has told global leaders that HIV remains among the most pressing and urgent challenges facing the world.

HIV won’t stop without gay community – Elton John

July 21, 2016
AIDS 2016  

Sir Elton John believes that the spread of HIV will not be curbed unless everyone is drawn into the battle – gay and lesbian groups included.

Study offers new protection to teenagers.

July 20, 2016
AIDS 2016   HIV Prevention  

South Africa has the highest HIV infections rate among adolescent new adolescent girls and a new study by the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre is currently testing antiretrovirals to a group of adolescents in a bid to keep them HIV free

Marching for increased AIDS funding

July 18, 2016

Civil society groups took to the streets of Durban today , a few hours before the opening of 21st International AIDS Conference, pleading for governments to increase funding for HIV.

Health-e News intern wins a study tour to US

July 6, 2016

Health-e News intern Thabo Molelekwa has been selected, along with three other journalists, to be part of a study tour to the United States later this year.