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Lesson from Mabele’s death: Keep taking your ARVs

July 25, 2017
HIV Treatment  

Iconic AIDS activist Prudence Mabele, who died two weeks ago, had either stopped taking her antiretroviral treatment or she had become immune to it.

Pills, prevention and politicking: the unfinished business of HIV

July 24, 2017
HIV Treatment  

The world’s most important HIV scientific conference is currently underway in Paris – yet mere days ago, one of the country’s iconic AIDS activists died after battling with tuberculosis and pneumonia, a reminder that we’re nowhere near out of the woods when it comes to the virus. 

A lifetime of swallowing pills

Balancing HIV treatment with a myriad of ‘lifestyle’ diseases such as diabetes and hypertension is tricky. Patients have to take lots of pills, some medicines interact badly and there are side effects. But this is the future in our clinics as HIV positive patients age and poor diet and lack of exercise take their toll.

RIP Prudence Mabele, iconic AIDS activist

July 11, 2017
HIV and AIDS  

One of South Africa’s key AIDS activists, Prudence Mabele, passed away this week from complications relating to tuberculosis. She reflected on her life in this interview with Health-e in late 2016

Small job losses if sugar content cut – Treasury

June 23, 2017

If the beverage industry reduces the sugar content of 37% of its products, the proposed sugary drinks tax could result in around 1,475 job losses.

Big Pharma in trouble for high prices

June 14, 2017

Big pharmaceutical companies Roche, Pfizer and Aspen are under investigation by the Competition Commission for “excessive pricing” of cancer medicines.

Coke promises, MPs chastise

June 7, 2017

Coca Cola promises to promote diet and zero drinks while MPs lash industry representatives, as Parlimant continues to wrestle with the sugary drinks tax