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Nkosi not yet ready to go to heaven

July 7, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

The red ribbon pinned to his windbreaker is the first thing you notice. Then the wide smile, the huge, deep-sunken eyes and his incredibly frail body. Nkosi Johnson (11), touted for many years by the media as one of the longest HIV survivor in the country, is ill.

Committed to the cause of fighting HIV/AIDS

July 7, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Bongani Khumalo responds well to causes. From the South African Council of Churches, the Red Cross, the South African National Men’€™s Forum which he founded, “to inculcate responsible behaviour among men”, to Deputy Chief Executive at Eskom where he was responsible for restructuring and transformation, Bongani Khumalo is a committed to causes.

AIDS panel ‘a waste of money’

July 3, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

President Thabo Mbeki’€™s controversial AIDS review panel meets tomorrow (Mon 3 July) for a second and final time, but insiders describe the body as having been a waste of time and money.Government has said that the panel — which brought together 33 international experts including “dissidents” who do not believe that HIV causes AIDS ‘€“ […]

Jane Furse: a hospital in crisis

May 19, 2000
Health Management  

Dr Marcus Mumakwe’€™s wedding is giving the superintendent of Jane Furse Hospital a headache. Mumakwe wants two weeks’€™ leave but as he is one of only four doctors at a hospital that should have 13, this is a difficult request.

Violence and alcohol tear Northern Cape apart

March 27, 2000
Alcohol & Drugs  

Alcohol abuse, unemployment and zero prospects make the Northern Cape the country’s most violent province, with the highest rape and assaults rates per 100 000 people.

HIV/AIDS Debate: Flirting with death?

March 24, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

President Thabo Mbeki has never said that HIV does not cause AIDS, but he is prepared to consult all players and question all theories ‘€“ including “the unwavering belief that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS — in his quest to get to grips with the disease.So said presidential spokesperson Parks Mankahlana this week […]

Smart Cookies

March 20, 2000

A new fortified cookie designed to suppliment micronutrients in school children is being launched in Durban today (22 March 2000). The carotino-nutritional biscuit is the product of four years of scientific tests. It was developed by the MRC to eliminate the widespread deficiency in vitamins A, E and iron which is essential for good mental […]