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Quality care up to the last minute

February 14, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

“Mama Khoza” spends most of her weekends at graveyards, not really to honour those who have already moved on, but as she puts it “to bury the cream of Mamelodi”. “I told someone last week. We are burying the cream of Mamelodi – youngsters who are in the process of completing their degrees,” says Veronica […]

Magic Marama – The Green Gold of Africa

January 24, 2000

A wild plant that produces beans and potato-like roots, for decades harvested by the San people in Nambia, is showing huge potential towards solving many malnutrition and hunger problems in Africa, but specifically southern Africa. The marama bean is proving to be a very versatile legume, say researchers at the University of Cape Town.

Soft drink bottles help beat asthma

January 10, 2000
Science; Research & Innovations  

A resourceful attitude and creative approach to the humble plastic soft drink bottle have produced a new device to help children with asthma inhale their medication. Researchers at the University of Cape Town and the Red Cross Children’€™s hospital have designed a local version of the inhaler-spacer which costs just R1 to make and is […]

Festive season blues

December 21, 1999
Mental Health  

It should be a time of joy, peace and goodwill ‘€“ yet all too often Christmas can be a time of loneliness, strained family relations and financial hardship. Psychologists warn that society has imposed all kinds of expectations around this time of year ‘€“ some of which are unrealistic and most of which are guaranteed […]

Thulani battles hunger

November 17, 1999

When Sipetu Hospital’s matron, Eugenia Ngewu, stood up to pray asking for an end to malnutrition in their community, she had little Thulani (5) in mind. He arrived at Sipetu and was immediately diagnosed with Kwashiorkor, a form of severe malnutrition.

Beating back hunger

November 17, 1999

Driving to the Sipetu and Mary Theresa hospitals in the Eastern Cape is not for the fainthearted, but every month hundreds of people brave the potholes, mud (when it’s raining) and distances in excess of 50km to bring their severely malnourished children for treatment. More than a year ago most of the mothers would have […]

New hope for curbing malaria

November 9, 1999

South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland this week launched a R40-million, five-year programme aimed at controlling the spread of malaria. The control of malaria has also been complicated by the development of drug-resistant strains, forcing up the drug treatment costs. However, last year the World Health Organisation tested another drug in the Ndumo area that may […]