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Parents share what’s in their kids’ skhafthin

July 12, 2019

Back to school means back to making daily lunches for your kids. But is it easy for parents to keep it healthy?

ARV shortage threatens children’s lives

July 9, 2019

Parents resort to sharing their HIV treatment with their children as confusion over paediatric stockouts continue.

Hawks arrest nurse for ‘demanding money’ for abortion

July 5, 2019

The quick-thinking actions of a woman who claims she was asked to pay for an abortion at a government health facility has resulted in the arrest of the nurse who demanded payment.

Bipolar disorder misinformation prevents people from seeking help

June 20, 2019

The mental illness affects up to 1% of the population in South Africa, yet the South African yet stigma and discrimination against people bipolar stop them from getting medical attention.

#ECHOResults: Now we know, but it’s no victory

June 16, 2019
Opinion & Commentary  

While the study results have allayed the fears of many, they have also pointed a finger at an enemy that we’ve conveniently ignored at the expense of black women’s lives.

#SAAIDS2019: When HIV and weight stigma collide

June 11, 2019

The association of thinness with being sick still plagues society and continues to fuel HIV stigma, and possibly non-communicable diseases.

Breastfeeding should be encouraged not forced, say HIV+ moms

June 5, 2019

While exclusive breastfeeding is encouraged, some women in Mpumalanga living with HIV claim nurses force them to breastfeed their newborn babies.