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Catastrophe as Eastern Cape drug stock-outs continue

Thousands of people living with HIV in the Eastern Cape are in catastrophic danger of developing fatal drug resistance due to ongoing interruptions in their antiretroviral (ARV) drug supplies, with activists calling on the national health minster to intervene. The...

Cape Town is fittest city

June 13, 2013
Health Management  

Cape Town has taken gold and top spot in the inaugural Vitality Fittest City Index. Announced by Discovery yesterday (SUBS: THURS), the Index rates each of South Africa’s six major metropolitan areas according to physical activity-related health and infrastructure. Johannesburg,...

Gates places family planning top of the agenda

May 31, 2013
Women's Health  

KUALA LUMPUR - Leading health philanthropist Melinda Gates has appealed to the world to make family planning a top priority and appealed to the 3 000 delegates at the 3rd Women Deliver meeting to help millions of women make...

Investing in women

May 31, 2013
Women's Health  

KUALA LUMPUR – Women remain the last to be fed, schooled and given access to healthcare, despite huge gains, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the 3rd Women Deliver meeting this week. Speaking via video, Clinton said...

Yuvraj Singh’s biggest test

May 29, 2013
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

KUALA LUMPUR – If their lives were at stake and someone had to bat their way out of trouble, chances are excellent that any cricket fan would select Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh to hit the winning six. This week...

Who, what, where, when and how? – reporting the full HIV and AIDS story

Idasa and the Journalism Department at the University of Stellenbosch held a workshop for community journalists, tackling the issue of Governance and HIV/AIDS. Health-e journalist Anso Thom spoke to the participants.

Media needs to stop sitting on the sidelines

April 29, 2013
Health Journalism  

Government committed itself to having 53 000 people on antiretrovirals (ARVs) by the end of 2004. What are the challenges government faces in rolling out? What is the hold up? Is government dragging its feet, is there a lack of political will or are there real problems with implementation? And what role do the media […]