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Ermelo youth ignore alcohol risks

Most students from an Ermelo high school admit to drink regularly, according to an OurHealth survey.

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Snap shot survey report on substance abuse in nine provinces in South Africa

The results of a 2011/12 snap shot survey on community drug use in South Africa. The study was conducted among about 7,800 participants.

Tshwane schools look to curb drug use

September 29, 2013
Addiction & Rehabilitation   OurHealth  

Police and community member are looking to get students on the right side of the fight against drugs, nyope and alcohol.

Nyaope addicts increase in Ermelo

The notorious drug known as nyaope or whoonga has now made its way to small towns like Ermelo and it is currently consuming many lives of young people in this town.

Nyope addicts cause anguish in the community

SOSHANGUVE.  Two shop owners in Diemplaza were badly beaten with broken bottles by five robbers, who are believed to be nyaope addicts.. Community sources said that the five men armed with guns arrived in a Toyota Venture at the complex...

Nyaope: an addict’€™s story

TSHWANE. – Daniel Vilakazi is a 19-year-old from Soshanguve where he lives in Block TT with his parents. He is also a recovering drug addict who was until recently a regular user of a concoction called nyaope.