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New drug rehab centre slated for East Rand

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality is set to unveil a new, community-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Daveyton.

Drug withdrawal without pain?

August 17, 2015
Addiction & Rehabilitation  

Despite growing nyaope addiction, only one public health treatment centre in the country offers Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST), which gives a medical helping hand to opiod drug addicts who are trying to kick their habit. Instead, addicts are expected to go ‘cold turkey’ and many relapse from sheer pain

Video: ‘I turned into a monster’

To commemorate Youth Month in June, Health-e News is broadcasting a five-part adolescent health series on Morning Live (SABC 2). This insert – the fourth in the series – follows Lebohang Tieho Neko, a youth who has recently managed to overcome his Nyaope addiction.

Codeine: SA’s over-the-counter addiction

It is destroying her life, but a Free State mother won’t give up her ‘bronco’ cough mixture.

Childhood game fuels 30-year addiction

On World No Tobacco Day, Emson Bohitile Koiko reflects how a childhood game turned into a 30-year addiction to cigarretes.

Community dialogue reveals lure of drugs, crime

In the rural North West town of Makwassie, poverty continues to fuel drug use and crime, according to community members who recently participated in a mock debate as part of a community dialogue.

Duduza family battles nyaope addiction

Sheila Gumbi watched her son change before her eyes as her once sweet baby boy became increasingly aggressive. She now knows why but being able to name her son’s addiction has not given her the power to stop it.