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World endorses more ‘war on drugs’

April 25, 2016
Addiction & Rehabilitation  

The world’s hardline “war on drugs” has resulted in violence, criminalised drug users and exacerbated HIV and Hepatitis C infection. Yet the UN has just endorsed a similar approach.

Distributing clean needles to curb the spread of HIV

The Step Up Project runs needle exchange programmes with injecting drug users in Cape Town, Durban and Tshwane.

Drugs: World contemplates punishment or rehabilitation

The prohibition of illegal drugs has failed to stop drug use, instead fanning a massive and violent black market. This week, the UN meets to discuss whether its ‘war on drugs’ approach needs to change

Soweto community marches against drug abuse

The Orlando Community Policing Forum (CPF) recently held its regular anti-drug march through the neighbourhood’s streets following allegations that local drug users were behind the theft of new school tablets in the area.

Students cautioned about Ritalin abuse

March 25, 2016
Addiction & Rehabilitation   OurHealth  

As tertiary institutions reopen across the country, the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA) has issued a strong warning to students to steer clear of performance-enhancing drugs.

Report: StepUp Human Rights Report

Compiled by the TB/HIV Care Association, the 16-page report details almost 250 instances of alleged human rights abuses against drug users between August and November 2015.

Police hamper HIV prevention efforts with drug users

Daily police harassment is undermining HIV prevention efforts among people who inject drugs, according to the TB/HIV Care Association (THCA). The association has recorded almost 250 “abuse” cases among this group in just three months, according to a report released today.