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Plans to upgrade Joburg’s health facilities

Staff shortages at clinics in Alexandra, social workers brought in for extra help and drug rehabilitation centres at some clinics – these are amongst the plans and improvements for state health institutions in Johannesburg.

Drunk employees delay clinic construction

The new R17-million 4th Avenue Clinic facility under construction in Alexandra is unlikely to be finished on time due to numerous delays as well as construction employees repeatedly arriving drunk for work.

Call for graphic health images on SA cigarette boxes

Activists say our anti-tobacco policies have gone “stale” calling for stronger regulations including health warnings in the form of graphic pictures.

SA kids need family support to avoid drugs

Children are more likely to turn to drugs when their parents are absent in the home, according to Soul City.

Eating soil has become an addiction for many African women

WHILE eating soil has become an addiction for many African women in KwaZulu Natal, and other provinces around South Africa – it is a health issue triggered by iron and mineral deficiencies and can be treated.

Nyaope’s deadly grip on Orange Farm

Orange Farm – a relatively young township situated about 45 kilometres south of Joburg – is under siege by nyaope addicts, with residents afraid to leave their homes in case they are burgled.

World endorses more ‘war on drugs’

April 25, 2016
Addiction & Rehabilitation  

The world’s hardline “war on drugs” has resulted in violence, criminalised drug users and exacerbated HIV and Hepatitis C infection. Yet the UN has just endorsed a similar approach.