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'Coke, stop guzzling our water!'

February 20, 2018       News  

How is Coca Cola in Cape Town able to use over a million litres of water every day while poor households are having their water cut off, asks the Water Crisis Coalition

Call for more awareness on listeriosis

February 20, 2018

Despite South Africa’s listeriosis outbreak death toll having topped 100 and confirmed cases numbering well over 800, Joburgers appear not to be concerned about taking precautions against infection.

When love hurts and there’s no money

February 19, 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day, but after years of abuse Jade is trying to make a life for herself and her four kids without a man. Meanwhile researchers puzzle about how to ensure that shelters – a crucial safe space in the fight against gender-based violence – are properly funded.

Rural woman gives hope to disabled kids

February 16, 2018

LIMPOPO – The death of her disabled child caused was so painful for a Limpopo villager that she has established an aid organisation to help other children in need.

Family ditches muti for epilepsy treatment

February 15, 2018

MPUMALANGA – After a 6-year-old girl suffered numerous seizures and took unnecessary treatment from local sangomas, she has finally been properly diagnosed with epilepsy and is doing well on treatment.

Food insecurity a hard reality to escape

February 14, 2018
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LIMPOPO – For six children from Mashau village, outside Louis Trichardt, being raised by a single parent who is unemployed means the only decent meals they get are through feeding schemes at school.

Fatty food a risk for gallstones

February 13, 2018

Vumile Hlophe from Soshanguve ignored strange body pains and cramps for several months before they grew so bad she had to be hospitalised. Sharon Nkosi writes that the ongoing discomfort she had ignored turned out to be gallstones – a condition that will be fixed when she undergoes surgery at the end of this month.

Life Esidimeni: Untold consequences of trauma

February 12, 2018

Families of the 140-plus psychiatric patients who died after being moved from Life Esidimeni facilities to irregularly registered non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have suffered so much that some themselves are now dying.