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Tshwane citizen journalist nabs top award

Tshilidzi Tuwani from Soshanguve outside Pretoria was named ‘Citizen Journalist of the Year’ as Health-e News honoured its citizen journalists from around the country.

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Interview with Sibongile Nkosi, project manager of OurHealth

NewsMeBack citizen journalism blog interviews Health-e’s OurHealth citizen journalist manager Sibongile Nkosi.

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Presentation: Health-e’s citizen journalism programme

Delivered at a 2013 meeting of the Budget Expenditure Monitoring Forum, this presentation provides an overview of Health-e’s OurHealth citizen journalism programme.

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Behaving ‘better’? The media, HIV/AIDS and stigma

Speaker’s notes for Centre for the Study of AIDS forum, 2004. Kerry Cullinan.
Discussion about the role of the media in reporting on HIV/AIDS, particularly stigma and denial, tends to rest on two popular assumptions: 1. That the media has a major role to play in reducing AIDS stigma and denial, and that it is obliged to do so. 2. Once people know how HIV is transmitted, they will change their sexual behaviour (“health belief model”).

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HIV/AIDS: A resource for journalists

This booklet was compiled several years ago by Soul City, the Department of Health and Health-e. Some of the chapters such as the contact details are outdated. However, issues such as Ethics and Media are still relevant and may be especially useful for journalism students.

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Who, what, where, when and how? – reporting the full HIV and AIDS story

Idasa and the Journalism Department at the University of Stellenbosch held a workshop for community journalists, tackling the issue of Governance and HIV/AIDS. Health-e journalist Anso Thom spoke to the participants.

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Media needs to stop sitting on the sidelines

Government committed itself to having 53 000 people on antiretrovirals (ARVs) by the end of 2004. What are the challenges government faces in rolling out? What is the hold up? Is government dragging its feet, is there a lack of political will or are there real problems with implementation? And what role do the media have to play in all of this? The HIV/AIDS and the Media Project and the Journalism Department at the University of Stellenbosch hosted a panel discussion addressing these very questions. Anso Thom was one of the panellists.

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Narrating from the body: Health and the state of our nation

Kerry Cullinan delivered a paper at the Narrative Journalism Conference hosted by the Nieman Foundation and the Wits Journalism School.

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Body of evidence: The case for health narrative

As journalists, we are supposed to tell the stories of our time. Some of those stories we tell very well, others we do to death but many we simply ignore.

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Health services in South Africa: A basic introduction

There is a widespread perception that services in hospitals have seriously deteriorated over the past few years, due in large part to staff shortages and the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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